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Jennie Fager.jpg
Jennie Fager

CEO / Owner

AJ Fager.jpg
A.J. Fager

COO / Owner

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Samantha Barkoviak.jpg
Sam Barkoviak

Executive Assistant

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Alex Farrell.jpg
Alex Farrell

Fort Wayne Office Manager

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Alex Moon.jpg
Alex Moon, CTS-D

Director of Engineering

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Erin Meyer.jpg
Erin Meyer

Director of Operations

Nate Uptgraft.jpg
Nate Uptgraft

Director of Production

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Nick Olson.jpg
Nick Olson

Sr. Sales Engineer

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Alan Kelch.jpg
Alan Kelch

Sales Engineer

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Kris Dunlop.jpg
Kris Dunlop

Sales Engineer

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zzz Generic.jpg
Sebashtian Warrick

Sales Engineer

Brian Eicher.jpg
Brian Eicher

Account Manager

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Earl Almack.jpg
Earl Almack

Client Development Manager

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Austin Fox-Welter.jpg
Austin Fox-Welter

Production Sales Engineer

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Megan Overly.jpg
Megan Overly

Service Manager

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Darren Strom.jpg
Darren Strom

Field Operations Manager

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Nick Toepp.jpg
Nick Toepp

Project Manager

We're ready to serve you with the best customized, integrated and expertly installed audio, video and technology systems.
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